"We believe that all children deserve to live a happy and healthy life"

The Centre for Children's Burns and Trauma Research (CCBTR) is based at the Centre for Children's Health Research, next to the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The goal of the CCBTR is to prevent children from sustaining traumatic injuries such as burns and to provide the best evidence-based treatment for children with traumatic injuries. The centre is one of the leading burns and trauma research groups in Australia and was established in 1999 by Professor Roy Kimble who is a burn surgeon and Director of Paediatric Trauma on the Queensland state-wide Trauma Clinical Network. The CCBTR aims to:

1.    Identify ways to decrease the number of children with burns and traumatic injuries, and implement these changes

2.    Provide scientific evidence for existing treatments and develop novel wound healing treatments for better burn care of children suffering from burns

3.    To improve the lives of all children suffering from burns or trauma

This website will hopefully provide you with information concerning how burns and other trauma happen, how to prevent them and how to treat them if they do occur.


Researchers and clinical staff of the Pegg-Leditschke Burn Centre, Lady Cilento Children's Hospital